About Us

In 2021, InfluenceTee embarked on its journey when the new NIL rules presented a promising chance to assist college athletes in establishing their personal brands. As a result, InfluenceTee was born, and we engaged with athletes nationwide to collaborate on designs and showcase their merchandise on our platform. Our apparel draws inspiration from the athletes' creativity and our passion for design, resulting in distinctive products that provide athletes with an additional means of self-expression.

Excitingly, as we continue to evolve, we are thrilled to announce that InfluenceTee is now entering the space of partnering directly with colleges to bring their student-athletes officially licensed merchandise. This new initiative further solidifies our commitment to supporting athletes in their journey, enabling them to connect with their fans through high-quality, officially licensed apparel.

What We Provide

Team Collections

Our team will create a collection that will consist of officially licensed products.

Product Fulfillment

Once your collection is set up, the products will go from a screen to physical form. Our team will ensure that all products Are produced and shipped directly to our athlete supporters.

Social Media Marketing

The best way for athletes to capitalize off their NIL Deals are to utilize the power of social media. Our team will post collaborated post for athletes to share their merch.

Distribution of Agreed Percentage

Our team will keep track of sales and distribute payouts to our athletes.